02/21/2017: Robots Are People Too (EAR039)

02/18/2017: Earstroke tee's on Everpress

we thought it was time to present the 2nd generation of Earstroke tee shirts. Everpress contacted us about setting up a campaign and i couldn't turn down the opportunity to expand our catalogue of kick ass collectibles. this campaign runs for 21 days only! multiple sizes available: Earstroke on Everpress

02/14/2017: Plantre - Crazyboutcha (EAR038)

01/15/2015: Lone Electrone - Lone Electrone (EAR037)

01/14/2015: Wrexsoul - Lemonhead - (EAR036)

12/12/2014: Magic Arrows - Music In The Garden (EAR035)

12/12/2014: BRTLMN - Parallax Event (EAR034)


12/05/2013: Blind Slime - Rotted Potions

10/07/2013: King & Crisis (EAR033)

News Archive:
6/19/2013: Magic Arrows - Duran Duran (EAR032)

we have a treat for you! amidst all of the Magic Arrows reissues and older unreleased material we've been putting up for sale, Scott thanks us for our patronage with a completely new and completely free album! Duran Duran is a tribute to one of his most influential groups and teachers. grab it all here: HERE.

4/4/2013: Second Land - Copycat Sessions limited edition cassette !

in 2008/2009, Second Land performed improvisational and experimental live shows across the U.S.'s east coast which exhibited a perpetually changing mix of instrumentation and technique. Copycat Sessions is a collection of those shows, rehearsals and audio collages that come together as an unique & enjoyable lo-fi ambient jam experience. these tracks of theremin, flute, spoken words and guitars are riddled together in a sea of filters & slow delay, served on a creamy, warm cassette. listen and buy HERE.

2/27/2013: Blind Slime - West By God 7" lathe !

a translucent 7" lathe by Blind Slime entitled "West By God". since this ep is about West Virginia, written in West Virginia by a West Virginian, we thought we should manufacture and release it from New Zealand! for more info, listen and buy HERE. please ejnoy! (ckoe).

2/07/2013: Magic Arrows - The Theme & Descend Like Dove 2xcd !

a very long awaited release, indeed ! originally self released through Lion Records, this downtempo ambient monster-piece is as powerful as it is beautiful. The Theme is a journey through a sample-riddled, vertigo-inducing, bridge-tunnel through the clouds. packaged in a dvd case with extras, including a 30+ minute bonus cd of never before heard material from the same recording sessions! both discs were gracefully remastered by the warm, sensual hands of Roger Time of Timeless Recordings. please enjoy.

1/31/2013: anonymous duo unearths old guitar ambient tape

an anonymous duo recorded a tape of nostalgic guitar drones, delay pedals and drifting radio signals as The Blue Spaces. the recordings were lost and found for a number of years, like a dusty old box of photographs. we thought a cassette would befit the nature of the recording. a tangible memory, perhaps to be found on some rainy day, and enjoyed in the background, while smoking a pipe on a screened-in porch. please enjoy.

1/3/2013: new year, new artist, new free debut album! listen now!

Ireland's young James Strain is Auxiliary Phoenix, and what we have here are some really fun and solid beats for this brand new year. this is James' debut album; being a fan of Earstroke, listing Dorian Concept and Wisp as influences, he has let us take it into our collective, for assimilation... Tape 1 is chill, playful and creative. honestly, it's a perfect fit for our style and we really hope you dig it. please enjoy

Earstroke is finally on Bandcamp !
stream & download hard copy releases with extras and stuff !


Awt - Lost Found - Found Lost - Love Files (mp3 album)

here's something that seemed to fall right outta the sky this month. fans of Squarepusher or Wisp may get a kick out of this new album from Awt. download freely and enjoy!


Afternoon Vellocet - Hip Shot (mp3 album)

fantastic new album from a virtually unknown producer: Afternoon Vellocet - Hip Shot. stream or download from the release page.


BRTLMN makes new BRTLMN Album ! then gives to website !

BRTLMN's new album "The BRTLMN Album" is now available for free for the first time ever ! download at the release page !


$ $ $ pre-spring cleaning $ $ $

prices lowered drastically on almost all items in the store


Magic Arrows CD's in !

the new limited edition Magic Arrows CD's are in now!

pre-orders will be shipped this week ! thank you, enjoy and Merry Christmas.


Magic Arrows pre-orders available !

---> get your pre-order for the new limited edition Magic Arrows CD in now ! <---

pre-orders will be shipped upon arrival from the manufacturer, roughly around December 18th ! thank you !


WAKE UP, EARSTROKE ! ! ! new Magic Arrows cd in the works !

"Magic Arrows - After Rain" limited edition cd to be released on Earstroke no later than the beginning of December. this is Arrows' follow up to one of my favorite albums of all time, "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death".

listen to Total Summer on youtube.

pre-orders available soon, sign up to the newsletter (on the left) to stay tuned.



Blind Slime - Blind Slime - limited edition cd !

music from beyond space and time. see release page for more details !


Second Land limited edition CD released today !

a newish band called Second Land debuts on Earstroke Records on this fine saturday morning. celebrating many well received live shows in the D.C. area, the group is proud to announce their first self titled cd release !

Second Land - Second Land - limited edition hand made cd !

additionally, Second Land is playing their first headlining event tonight in Silver Spring, MD to celebrate a cd release party for the Sonic Circuits "District Of Noise Vol. 2" compilation of which Second Land appears on along with the heart of D.C.'s many experimental artists. if you're near our nations capital, both the comp and Second Land's self titled album will be available during the show. more info on the show and Second Land can be found here:



Mandible Chatter - Grace CD reissued on Magnanimous Records!

originally released on Manifold Records in 1995, Grace was given once again through Magnanimous Records in 2008, and we've happened upon a few copies of our own to spread around to our friends. a wonderful listen, check it out...

Mandible Chatter - Grace


Second Land Live @ Sonic Circuits

Second Land is an experimental live improv group started by Luke Hazard/Ourson (Earstroke Records) Curt Seiss and Dani Seiss (Magnanimous Records) who are becoming regulars at the growing Sonic Circuits events. this time, Second Land will feature two additional guest artists! Join us at Pyramid Atlantic for an evening of improv! more info here.

official site: www.second-land.com

Earstroke will be releasing Second Land's first album in a matter of weeks. more info on that coming soon!



I will be taking a trip accross the countryside for the majority of this month. all orders received from 11/08 to 11/25 will be shipped on the 27th. thanks for your patience regarding this matter.


**Ourson & Heptangular - You, The One Holding The Controller**

Earstroke's first full length cd release is out now ! "You, The One Holding The Controller" is a truly psychedelic experience. if you liked either of their solo work, don't miss out on the first collaboration album by Ourson & Heptangular ! limited to 50 beautifully handmade copies ! ...more


**new site launch ! new records in !**

distro is in full effect ! more albums coming soon !


**BRTLMN - Sleep 3" EP out now!**

a new EP from BRTLMN is awesome for you now. hear the thing.

also, look what we did for you here:

**Earstroke Distribution Announcement**

in addition to manufacturing our own releases, Earstroke will be handling distro for select "like-minded" albums from some of it's sister labels in an effort to further spread the word about the music we love and the people we believe in. among the new releases in this month are:

Heptangular - Restored (CD-R)
Ourson - Eth (CD)
Time Constant - Silent Phone Calls In The Fall (12" vinyl)


**Encephala - We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams**

Encephala has been working on this unique project for years, and finally landed on Earstrokes doorstep for you to hear freely. take a listen to this surreal and deeply emotional album here.


**Wilder Forest ep's are in!**

the first batch of pre-orders for Wilder Forest have been sent off to their new homes. thanks to all who pre-ordered.


** Skytree - Wilder Forest now available for pre-order!**

listen to the one of the tracks from the album, check out samples, and pre-order your copy of Wilder Forest on the release page.


** Skytree - Wilder Forest **new 3" announcement!
Skytree - Wilder Forest 3" cd-r has been in the works for over a year, and buzz abouts it's release has been going on for quite a while now. finally, things are coming to a close with the release, and will be available for pre-order soon.

this 3" will be packaged with green jewel cases and skytree stickers! worth the wait, huh?


** Brian Ellis - Cosmic Perspective ** 3" cd-r - out now!

Brian Ellis - Cosmic Perspective 3" cd-r ep is available for preorder now! orders will ship out on the week of October 2nd - 7th. show Brian some love for his first hard copy release!


** Earstroke tees are in! **

- more info -

the very first pressing of Earstroke t-shirts are available now, in medium and large sizes only. once these sell out, expect a new batch of completely different shirts with more sizing options soon afterwards.


** Fieldtriqp - Old Haunts** mp3 lp

Fieldtriqp dusted off an album of older songs for Earstroke, which is made freely available for download. don't miss out on this stunning work of melodic brilliance.


** Milieu - In Hills Made Of Clouds 3" cd-r is out now!**

Milieu's official follow up to Stray Trains, In Hills Made Of Clouds, is a glowing summertime listen rich in mood, melody, and warmth.

the 3" cd-r is packaged with handmade multicolor designs using custom imprints, making every disc unique. each order will ship with the very first ever "Milieu stickers." be on the look out for news on distribution in select locations the U.S., U.K., and more.


** Milieu - In Hills Made Of Clouds **

the next installment of our 3" series is scheduled to arrive in early July. this is Milieu's official follow up to his first Earstroke ep: Stray Trains. more on this soon.

soon afterwards, Brian Ellis will be gracing us with a 3" of his own. additionally, if you dig either of these cats, then check out what's going on with their collab project, Free Festival, at Benbecula!


** "Sagmo B" launches today **

- Sagmo B -

Sagmo B is an avant garde music website run by some very close friends and partners of Earstroke. go listen to some wierd shit! right now!


** Milieu cd release on Infraction Records! **

Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars

yet another one of our boys getting the attention he deserves. check this album out! the cd is available at the following establishments:

- Infraction Records HQ
- Forced Exposure
- Ear Rational

...and speaking of Milieu, he has a 3" cd-r coming up early july called "In Hills Made Of Clouds" which will serve as his official follow up to Stray Trains. watch a promo vid for it here

-leave a comment about this on the forum-

**Earstroke to be played on WUSC-FM Columbia 90.5 **
this entire week is the DIY fundraiser week. on thursday Concordia Discors is going to play for 2 hours straight nothing but Earstroke artists since we support DIY electronica ethics. they have donations set up online at wusc.sc.edu and they can also be made by calling the station at 803-576-WUSC. the show is from 10-noon on thursday. during the show, the person who donates the most recieves a special prize given by the DJ. for those listeners who are outside of Columbia, SC where the station is, you can stream the show online at wusc.sc.edu and click webstream. It will also give you the playlist so you can check out which show is playing.

go and listen. thank you.


**Earstroke moves to the woods**
we've moved from New York City to the forests of West Virginia. please no longer send any mail/demos to the New York address. the new address is in the info section.

thank you.


>> EAR025 - Orange Dust - Followed By Ghosts MP3 LP

most fans of Orange Dusts music will be familiar with Followed By Ghosts, as some say it's his best work to date. previously only available in lower bitrates, we managed to bother OD enough to acquire our standard 192kbps mp3 version of the album. respect Orange Dust by playing this album as loud as possible. -go to release page.


**a public service announcement from Earstroke**

Earstroke is undergoing some minor maintenance operations while we tidy up after migrating to new servers. this should only take a few days.

**important** for those who have mail accounts with earstroke, the new address for Earstroke Webmail access is here:


additionally, Earstroke Webcomics aren't functioning properly due to the migration. i imagine fixing it is as simple as relocating the direct path to the database, and i will try to get on that asap.

as far as i can tell, those were the only repercussions from the migration. apologies if anyone was inconvenienced, and let me know if you see anything else out of place.

. -go to the forums to complain.


>> EAR024 - the Suction Cups - Theme Song MP3 EP
"the Suction Cups" are an electronic jam band composed of the four original founders of Earstroke. Jason Adams of WordSalad, William Adams of BRTLMN, Luke Hazard of Meadows & Labyrinths, and Mark Jarrel of Stomach Hand. the Theme Song is just under 16 minutes of psychedelic ambient which was recorded live in Falls Church, Virginia, using a multitude of various synthesizers, drum machines, effects pedals, software programs, and even a theremin!.. -go to release page.


>> EAR023 - Ascalaphe - The Hollander Café EP MP3 EP
The Hollander Café EP is a beautifully abstract piece from french electronic artist Ascalaphe, also known as Bazaar/Super 8/Fred Debief. the track "Cat Time" has made an appearance on Skam Records Skam Cats compilation, and the full length version of The Hollander Café will be available on cd through Transceover. -go to release page.


>> EAR022 - Dorian Concept - Seek When Is Her MP3 EP
in much of his work, Dorian Concept shows his seemingly infinite love for jazz through his own breed of electronic music. Seek When Is Her is so free flowing and loose, you almost forget it's programmed music. this ep drops you in the middle of a booming jazz club, but with the addition of some wild and welcoming electronic manipulation. Dorian Concept holds a unique style not to be forgotten. -go to release page.


>> EAR021 - Brian Ellis - Trustworthy MP3 EP
Brian Ellis is a snowballing boulder of talent. working under several aliases and taking on a multitude of projects, he is beginning to leave his graceful footsteps in the world of music. Trustworthy not only showcases Brians mastery of instrumentation and songwriting skill, but is a key representative of his influences; after the first three beautifully woven original songs, the ep moves from the exclusively acoustic cover of Aphex Twins "Flim," to a very candid cover of "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. you can be sure to hear more from Brian Ellis soon. -go to release page.


>> EAR020 - While - Besides MP3 EP
after remaining elusive for several years, While offers up a few of his never before heard tracks to satisfy a craving which has, undoubtedly, been growing in those who are familiar with his work. these gems were salvaged from an old, dusty master tape which houses a hidden, unreleased album. when the world will hear from While again is uncertain. for now, however, fans of his beautiful work can cherish these tracks, and hope to hear from him again soon. -go to release page.


our first hard copy release is here!

>> STR001 - Meadows & Labyrinths - Meadows & Labyrinths 3" EP
Meadows and Labyrinths is a psychedelic ambient piece consisting of two tracks which are a part of a larger work by Luke Hazard (aka: Plantre) which has been in the making for over two years. these songs have a heavy emphasis on noise, and sometimes visit much more abrasive sounds than one would expect to hear in most ambient, but not without conviction. transformation is a key theme, and the changes these songs go through are both welcoming and unpredictable. a beautiful mystery not too unlike what the title implies.

Meadows & Labyrinths is being released on 3" cd-r each personally designed and hand printed by the artist himself. the surfaces of the cds are textural, and each one has its own unique design made with imprints of leaves, string, and anything else Luke could get his hands on. a lot of time and effort has gone into this project, so these will only be available in limited quantities.

support Earstroke and our first hard copy release by getting lost in our Meadows & Labyrinths.
-listen to clips.

each purchase comes with Earstroke stickers!


>> EAR019 - Milieu - Stray Trains MP3 EP
Milieu has a special way with making sounds unique to his style. abusing his drum lines with rigorous trips to and from old, dusty, obsolete tape decks, sipping tea, petting cats, that sort of thing. Stray Trains is a warm and pleasant listen from a happily magical Milieu. -go to release page.


>> EAR018 - Asymmetrical Head - Oblique Formation MP3 LP
Oblique Formation is a fantastic full length from Asymmetrical Head which was made in 2003, originally pressed to cd and sold on Spoo Music. Asymm isn't afraid to dive into any of the extremes, a characteristic that permeates through all of his work. this album is no exception to that constant. Oblique Formation strongly showcases the refined skill and unbreakeable class of Asymmetrical Heads unique style and imagination. -go to release page.


>> EAR017 - WordSalad - Snoot Music MP3 LP
feely tentacles, bubbling fluid, foaming plantation, mating rituals of gelatenous beings, hidden appendages, deserted alien planets, continuously morphing discolored fungus, electrically charged blobs of ether, breathing cavern walls, furiously pulsating light-domes, psychedelic journeys of lost and carefree animals, mad scientists abusing their creations, and the subconscious thoughts of robotic devices. these are the things which come to mind when listening to Snoot Music. -go to release page.


>> happy birthday to Wisp!
Wisps first full length cd, NRTHNDR, is available now on Sublight Records. give yourself a gift in celebration of a brand new year for our friend Wisp and his debut!


>> EAR016 - Astroid Power Up! - GGPLX MP3 EP
Astroid Power Up! is a completely original, forward thinking, jazz/electronic fusion duo who speak their very own alien language. GGPLX is the EP version of their full length album "Google Plex" which is available for purchase through cdbaby. -go to release page


>> EAR015 - Ghosthunt - Cool Traxzz MP3 EP
Ghosthunt has contributed a small collection of really, really cool tracks from 2003. Cool Traxzz takes us through realms of terror, playfulness, 8 bit electro-punk, bass heavy dance cuts, and hazey, psychedelic madness. there are a lot of strange things going on in this ep, and that's the just way we like it. -go to release page

>> in other news, an additional track has been added to Skytrees "Knotwork" album. being that it was a re-release from years ago, the track "Snowflake on Cape" was left behind and never put up with the rest of the album. well now we've recovered the LP in full, and it's sounding better than ever. so if you haven't already, check out Skytree - Knotwork, and grab this newly recovered gem of an album if you haven't already.


>> EAR0014 - Photophob - Music for Spaceports MP3 LP
Photophob claims the title of being the first artist to have his work released on Earstroke from a demo submission. inspired by the label, Photophob created an album specifically with us in mind, and it fits like a glove. Music for Spaceports is fun-loving, playful, electronica. -go to release page


>> EAR0013 - Dupe - Demo MP3 EP
the Demo EP is a small collection of stunningly feel good tracks. Dupe combines acoustic instrumentation, hip hop drum lines, and subtle layered synths for an effective fusion of electronic and acoustic. these songs each visit the extremes of all aspects of their identity, which shows the listener the wide range of Dupes talent and skill. we hope to hear more from him soon. -go to release page


>> EAR0012 - BRLTMN - Come Closer Please MP3 EP
Come Closer Please is BRTLMN’s fifth piece in his series of EPs that he’s been sprinkling over the net on various labels. you can expect to hear a massively varied palette of sound with all of BRTLMNs works, but this EP goes just about everywhere. Come Closer Please is made up of unnerving film quotes, psychedelic bleeps, shifting moods, surreal, ever changing atmospheres, and unexpected, yet, strategically placed abstract melodies. EJNOY CKOE! -go to release page


>> EAR0011 - Tonepoem - Abandoned Amusements MP3 LP
after the disappearance of the Pleazant Musik net label, people started asking questions about Abandoned Amusements. Keith Rodinelli, aspiring filmaker, composer, designer, and musician, generously contributed this album for re-release on Earstroke. Tonepoem’s dreamy melodies, imaginative storytelling, and graceful use of instrumentation puts Abandoned Amusements in a class of its own. -go to release page