EAR037 - released: 01/15/2015
Lone Electrone
Lone electrone
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extremely proud to announce an albums worth of material from Lone Electrone has made it's home on Earstroke. sometime in 2013, i was contected by a member of the group and fell in love with the music instantly. i wanted as much as i could get my hands on, and a year and a half later, here we are with Lone Electrone's self titled album, available for free! Lone Electrone are Russian trio Alexander Greenevsky, Roman Golovko and the velvety vocals of Valentina Antonova. their glitchy and upbeat take on trip hop is a dance-worthy and soothing marriage of beatwork and storytelling. i hope they grow to tour the world so i can attend a performance of their live show! thank you to the band for sharing this lovely music. if you are near Moscow, look up Lone Electrone and let me live vicariously through ye. please enjoy this fine music.