EAR041 - released: 02/22/2020
Tight Dry Muscle Tissue

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is this the LAST BRTLMN EP?? no, but kind of~! Tight Dry Muscle Tissue has sat on the shelf on the BRTLMN archives merely as an empty, digital painting for years. (earstroke.com/brtlmn) it's really the last gem from an era of music that has come and gone. i had planned on making tapes but they were lost in a move. upon rediscovering the material in 2019, i picked up where i had left off with the tapes and i made a digital mix that fires off with this ep and continues with more like-minded BRTLMN tracks, as well as a Plantre remix~! that mix can be found here:

A Tight Dry BRTLMN Mix by Loop Hazard