STR001 - released: 12-06-2005
Meadows & Labyrinths
Meadows & Labyrinths
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Meadows and Labyrinths is a psychedelic ambient piece consisting of two epic tracks by Luke Hazard, aka: Ourson. these songs have a heavy emphasis on noise, and sometimes visit much more abrasive sounds than one would expect to hear in most ambient, but not without conviction. transformation is a key theme, and the changes these songs go through are both welcoming and unpredictable.

Meadows & Labyrinths is released on 3" cd-r each personally designed and hand printed by the artist. the surfaces of the cds are textural, and each one has its own unique design made with various imprints. available in limited quantities.

support Earstroke and our first hard copy release by getting lost in our Meadows & Labyrinths.

  track listing:
Meadows (11:17)
2:30 min
128kbps mp3
Labyrinths (10:06)
2:00 min
128kbps mp3