Earstroke houses a community of artists of various styles ranging from ambient, avant garde, drone, experimental, idm, noise, shoegaze, space rock and beyond. this project was launched as a net label on june 22, 2004. in september 2005 it expanded into a hard copy record label and we're still loving every minute of it.

Earstroke is a laid back label run by one man, releasing music whenever it comes most naturally. album release formats are decided mutually by artist and label head alike, be it vinyl, tape, full length cd, 3"cd-r, or a digital release.

this label has released music from absolute first timers and unknown artists to bigger underground acts like Magic Arrows and While. many Earstroke artists have seen recent success, such as Wisp, who is releasing and touring with Rephlex Records. Milieu has been on just about every imprint available and is involved in everything from radio spots to film soundtracks to video game music.

we encourage the spread of our music as much as possible, but please ask permission before using any Earstroke content on your commercial projects. all rights of the artists and their recorded material are reserved. all tracks and graphics are copyright of their respective authors.

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