>>EAR004 - BRTLMN - Fluttering Around a Core EP

BRTLMN’s Fluttering Around a Core EP is the fourth release on the fledgling netlabel Earstroke, who continue to release excellent abstract electronic music.

Fans of commercial acts such as Venetian Snares may enjoy BRTLMN’s eccentric rhythm programming, and the release carries shades of WordSalad’s Earstroke release, Black Vegetables. Earstroke’s description of Fluttering Around a Core EP explains that BRTLMN is WordSalad’s brother, both share a similar aesthetic for strange and sometimes beautiful deviations.

Unlike other musicians who rely on unpredictable rhythms and breakbeats, this EP has a lot of space, allowing sounds and musical ideas to develop comfortably. This is used to great effect in “Frell“, where a haunting mood is created from subdued synth sounds, and occasionally stirred up by creeping beats.

- Alex Young, Milieu

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