>>EAR007 - Orange Dust - Stay Obscene
“Stay Obscene” encompasses a whole new genre with its drum n bass influenced glitch electronica. When I first set my player in motion I was genuinely surprised at what I heard-a deeply quirky and imaginative collection of some of the most truly experimental songs I have listened to in a long time. “Stay obscene” flows wonderfully throughout the EP taking you on a psychopathic journey through manic stutters, jitters and deep bass lines combined with some interestingly intuitive and varied drum pattern work. “Cocaine Voltron” is a great example of just how intuitive these beats get with its barmy set of some classic DnB loops cleverly mashed up and sellotaped together with great precision. “gravestoned” carries on the dnb theme, delving a little deeper into some truly wacky sounding bass lines. A few well timed hip-hop samples and fruity effects make this one of the most skilfully innovative tracks on the EP.

All in all I found this to be a great listen, especially if your into your experimental music. Its sharp, very well mastered and well worth downloading. “Stay obscene” gets the PetrolMusic.net thumbs up."

- Petrolmusic.net

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